Research & Development and Innovation


The mission of our R&D activity to provide feasible and cost-effective solutions for specific customers’ requirements and actual problems. Based on the experience over 25 years rooted in tool design and injection moulding WE.KNOW.HOW. to develop the existing product to reach advance product at the same cost level.

The R&D department has completed several product development projects. The results of these projects have been successfully introduced on the market and are now supplied to our customers on a regular basis, producing 70% of the revenues. We are pride in our more than 20 patents.

MIKROPAKK is presently working on several development projects for the food, pharmaceutical, medical and hygienic sectors, some of them just before market implementation. MIKROPAKK spends 11% of its revenues on research and development.

WE.KNOW.HOW. to realize a developed product from the idea to the mass production: defining the product requirements, market research, product design, development and optimization or technology optimization, mould design, development and production, plastic injection moulding, in-house automation, assembly (design and construct, semi or full automatic assembly equipment).


Next to our standard product line, MIKROPAKK continues to develop new special caps, closures and complete packaging systems for various pharma applications. E.g. we applying special material to produce small containers for a partner from this segment: by our innovative solutions the result is a safe and practical packaging of a heart medicine.

MIKROPAKK is also well experienced in supporting the medical field in their technical problems and the realization of their idea and packaging developments included in e.g. artificial tooth implant, surgically inserted eye-lens applicator and product development of hygienic solutions for ladies.

Contract Manufacturing
for pharmacy


MIKROPAKK have developed several generations of closures, and other food packaging solutions some in close collaboration with our customers. Upon request, we are ready to work out the design of a bottle that suits and fits the closure. One of our innovations, called MikaTech Startech anti-drop valve has been also developed for this segment.

Beyond the closures MIKROPAKK has several other developments in the food industry. The mass production of these products is supported by manufacturing according to BrC standard introduced for the entire area of MIKROPAKK BLACK in 2016.

Contract Manufacturing
for food industry


One of the main areas of our R&D activities is the field of aerosol. This business line called MIKA-family that is comprising enhanced valves, several types of advanced 2K system inside the can, and various grip and pistol adapters for the packaging of the PU foam. The MIKA 2K membrane-system won the Hungarian Prize for Innovation in 2012. These solutions may be taken advantage of in any other areas and applications wherever two-component systems are in use.

The roof structure support clip developed by R&D team are being supplied to various building sites from Brazil to Singapore.

Contract manufacturing
of our R&D solutions