Toilet freshener baskets

Toilet freshener baskets

Highly-optimised production of toilet freshener packaging: injection moulded hanging baskets

Mikropakk takes immense pride in being the exclusive supplier of several toilet freshener basket models of a widely-known brand in the Central European market. Single-use toilet freshener baskets have been the go-to toilet hygiene solution in western countries for a long time – the type of plastic hangers that need to be hooked over the toilet rim.

These spherical hanging baskets come in various shapes to accommodate the cleaning agent of the brand owner’s choice that can be solid or liquid. The exact product design depends on various aspects:

  • form and state of matter of contents,
  • appearance requirements (content should be visible or not),
  • Functionality – perfect fit into a variety of toilets in a position where the eaterflow is at its strongest point,
  • unit cost.

At Mikropakk, we manufacture various models of this product. Simpler versions holding solid toilet freshener balls consist only of a single plastic part, while more complex versions with liquid cleaning agents are made up of 4-5 separate injection moulded parts.

Mass production at Mikropakk

Mass production at Mikropakk

Since most products on the market tend not to be refillable, consumers buy toilet freshener baskets regularly, therefore keeping unit costs down is of paramount importance for both the consumer and brand owner. This can be achieved by optimising product design and automating the production process to the extreme. At Mikropakk, toilet freshener baskets are manufactured in completely automated production cells where the presence of an operator is not needed.

All parts of these products are manufactured on one of our production lines, where multiple-part models are also assembled and welded together. We have also implemented in-line testing for the inspection of products. Toilet freshener baskets are supplied semi-assembled to the brand owner where they only need to be filled and closed.

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