Spray heads & Adaptors

Spray heads & Adaptors

Expert in aerosol and sealant packaging systems

Building on our extensive experience in the adhesives and sealants industries, we have gathered significant know-how in two component packaging system used in many industries. The main focus of our product development initiatives is always an industry-specific packaging challenge that can deliver significant value for the entire sector. All our adaptor and applicator solutions have been developed with that goal in mind.


Spray head & Adaptor products

Genius - integrated hand adaptor

State-of-the-art adaptor with all benefits of professional foam guns for hobby users with protection gloves in the cap.

Hand adaptor

Lightweight adaptor solution that is attached to the cap of the bottle.


Click & fix adaptorring designed to attach PU foam cans easily to adaptors.

<highlight>Genius</highlight> integrated hand adaptor

Genius integrated hand adaptor

Specifically developed for a market leader PU foam manufacturer, the goal of this product was to offer all benefits of foam guns to hobby users. DYI and non-professional users usually rely on disposable can of PU foam that often come in low-cost packaging. To get the self-expanding polyurethane foam out of the bottle, users need both hands, which can be an inconvenient experience while installing windows, doors frames or simply filling cavities while holding an object. 

To solve the above-mentioned challenges, we have designed an applicator that features

  • Ease of use with one hand only,
  • 360° rotatibility,
  • Stop and go application – usability multiple times.

Apart from these benefits, the manufacturer preferred a product closure that

  • Includes two wrapped protection gloves inside,
  • Features a warranty lock to prevent accidental dispensing.
<highlight>Hand adaptor</highlight>

Hand adaptor

Our custom-designed hand adaptor allows for dispensing PU foam with one hand only, offering a highly convenient user experience for non-professional users, as well. The bottle can even be flipped or held at a certain angle, the adaptor allows for smooth dispensing. 

This hand adaptor can be used with our rubber-free valve and standard rubber valves as well. In the case of using with rubber valves, it provides an improved sealing.

<highlight>Pimsring</highlight> adaptor ring

Pimsring adaptor ring

Pimsring is a patented adaptor ring designed for our PU foam cans. The threaded ring offers a click & fix solution for attaching the can to the adaptor. The pimsring is available in various sizes to fit any standard bottle in the industry.

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