Medical device parts

Medical device parts

High competence in high-precision medical plastic parts

High precision medical parts mean a unique challenge in injection moulding. To keep up with the rapid development of the medical industry, medical device parts must be lightweight and ergonomic to assure easy handling, yet they are often small and very complex products. Different projects vary in design and manufacturing requirements to which we can dopt flexibly, serving a variety of medical industries.

Mikropakk’s machine park is equipped to manufacture among others the following medical device parts:

  • medical device housing,
  • surgical instruments,
  • storage solutions and delivery devices/containers.

Medical-grade polymers

Medical device parts are manufactured of medical-grade, skin-contact resins appropriate for both minimally invasive (Class II) and moderately invasive medical devices (Class II).

ISO Class 8 certified injection moulding

Mikropakk operates ISO Class 8 certified production cells for products that must be manufactured in a clean and sterile environment. To ensure environmental control, we included several checks for verifications of instruments - airflow, unidirectional airflow, noise and smoke tests, calibration adjustments of the treatment system.

Labelling and decoration

Accurate labelling and decorations of medical device parts is a common requirement. The most frequently used decoration method at Mikropakk is tampo printing. We tamo print or pad print in over 10 languages. However, some applications may require laser engraving, ultrasonic welding or plasma treatment.

Enhanced quality control

We produce medical device parts under strict quality guidelines, controlled conditions and validated processes. Our industry 4.0 operations assure precise traceability of parts and sample retention. Mikropakk operates a dedicated Quality Control Lab that performs advanced measurements to fit strict standards and meet any special documentation requirements.

Tooth implant holder

Tooth implant holder

This highly specialised product is used by an implant manufacturing company in dental laboratorios to store tooth implants. Tooth implants are made of a very expensive material, therefore, they must be stored safely. Our engineering team contributed to the design of the holder that must meet strict requirements:

  • it must be transparent in order to see contents of the vial,
  • it must be resistant to radiation sterilisation,
  • it must provide a hygienic solution for implant storage.

The final design features a double packaging buildup and consists of 4 plastic parts.

Eye lens applicator

Eye lens applicator

Mikropakk serves as a contract manufacturer for this special eye lens applicator, producing some components of this surgical product.

Eye lens applicators should not be confused with contact-lense applicators: this product server for the insertion of a complete eye lens, which corresponds to a surgical procedure. This tool allows for the application of an eye lense simply with three fingers.

Mikropakk manufactures different versions of this product depending on the exact use case. Some eye lenses need to be stored in a liquid medium, while others do not need viscosity for application.

Hygienic solutions for ladies

Hygienic solutions for ladies

The manufacturer of this product must be a well-established injection moulding manufacturer. Mikropakk manufactures the top of the product which is made of a polyolefin. This can also be considered as a cap variation for the FMCG sector. Cleanliness and extra attention for packaging are the main requirements.

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