Custom food packaging

Custom food packaging

Custom packaging design meets highly optimised production

Form and function is of critical importance in the food industry. Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, brand owners must come up with a unique design, yet remain incredibly cost-effective. This is why beside innovative design, production optimisation is one of our core areas with automation solutions designed specifically based on the production needs of a given product.

Clean room environment for food packaging

One of our production sites is certified clean room, providing annappropriate production environment for food industry applications.

Spice container & dosing cap

Spice container & dosing cap

This spice container including the specially designed closing cap has been born out of a complex product development process by Mikropakk. We conducted the entire process from product design to scaling production and have been serving as a contract manufacturer for this product ever since.

Product requirements before design

The brand owner looked for a packaging solution for spices that is between simple paper bags and beautifully designed high-end grinders. The new mid-market solution should have delivered a more convenient way of storing spices that customers could put on a shelf (as opposed to simple paper bags that look messy), but still provide an affordable packaging solution.

Mikropakk’s solution

The final design was born as a result of a long design phase with multiple iterations. The design, manufacturing process and tooling all correspond to custom needs.

Contrary to low-end spice packaging solutions, the container is completely see-through, so customers can see its contents. It can also stand on its own and makes for a great addition to any spice shelf. Customers may come across this packaging solution in stores in the CEE market.

Coffee pads

Coffee pads

Coffee pads are one of the highest volume products supplied by Mikropakk. To be able to assure efficient mass production and economies of scale for the brand owner, we have implemented several optimization solutions on both the product and production line level. First, we designed the product to have thin, yet strong-enough walls. Second, we optimised for cycle times in production and for 0% scrap by installing in-line machine vision cameras that inspect every single piece. This way the product has become inexpensive to produce in large quantities.

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