Case studies

Case studies

Innovative solutions inspired by real-life problems

The mission of our R&D activity is to provide feasible and cost-effective solutions for specific customers’ requirements and actual problems. Based on the experience over 25 years rooted in tool design and injection moulding WE.KNOW.HOW. to develop the existing product to reach an advanced product at the same cost level.

A large part of our R&D activities have focused on aerosol packaging over the years. We dedicated an entire product line for aerosol innovations called MIKA-family that features enhanced valves, several types of advanced 2K system inside the can and applicators.

In the following, we provide a sneak peek into how some of our most innovative design solutions have been born and how we created value for our clients.

Genius – Integrated Grip Adaptor for PU foam

The easy-to-use PU foam Integrated Grip Adaptor provides all the benefits of a PU foam gun for hobby users of disposable PU-cans: 360 rotation, usability multiple times, one-hand operation.

MIKA – 2k membrane system

A solution designed for the internal structure of two-component aerosols to prevent premature mixing and residue forming inside the can, thus extending the shelf life of the product.

MIKA-Vent rubberless aerosol valve

Ruber-free aerosol valve developed specifically to provide impeccable sealing for two component packaging systems.

MIKATech StarTech clean valve

A patented, revolutionary flexible valve with innovative plastic technology.

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