Mikropakk Arburg 630 S

Our goal is to always serve our customers with the most modern technology, so we pay a lot of attention to rejuvenating our machinery fleet and expanding our capabilities. For this purpose, the equipment of our location in Salgótarján (Mikropakk BLACK) was recently expanded with a new, two-component machine capacity. With the brand new Arburg 630 S 2500 – 800 type injection moulding equipment, we are now able to mould products with up to 250 tons of clamping force, consisting of two different components or colors – depending on the design of the tool. Some data of the equipment:

Clamping force

max. 2500 kN

Distance between tie bars

630 x 630 mm

Mould mounting platens

max. 900 x 900 mm

Weight of movable mould half

max. 2500 kg

Depending on the raw material, the new machine can inject up to 695 g of plastic, thus enabling the processing of 30-60 kg of plastic material per hour. The Arburg injection moulding machine is over 12 tons, has been put into operation and is currently carrying out serial production of polycarbonate products.

Mikropakk Arburg 630 S

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