Assembled, overmoulded precision plastic parts

Relying on our technical know-how and utilising our state-of-the-art machinery, we deliver reliable and cost-effective precision plastic parts and components of the highest quality to our customers in highly technical industries such as electronics, the automotive industry or construction.

Our expertise lies in low- to mid-volume precision plastic parts for various devices in this segment, providing a viable option for products where low-quality mass production is not an option, still cost-efficiency plays an important role.

Technologies used

In addition to standard injection moulding, we offer insert moulding as well, that is injection moulding to metal parts. Production lines serving these segments are highly automated: parts are removed by robots and quality control is performed by machine vision cameras. Apart from that, we also offer manual assembly services depending on our customers’ needs.

Plastic enclosures <highlight>for electronics</highlight>

Plastic enclosures for electronics

Enclosures and housings keep electronic components protected from the environment. We offer contract manufacturing of various enclosure solutions from basic to robust.

Most common materials for electronics enclosures are:

  • Polyphenylene Ether (PPE)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • Polyamide (PA)
  • and their blends.

Mikropakk has been supplying various versatile and high-quality plastic enclosures such as

  • housing of a car sound system,
  • enclosure of an electric metre and measurement device.
Precision plastic parts used in <highlight>construction</highlight>

Precision plastic parts used in construction

Plastic components can serve as a cost-effective substitute or addition to metal components in the construction industry due to a variety of advantages they provide:

  • they can be very strong yet lightweight,
  • they’re easier to use than metal,
  • they have better thermal insulation properties,
  • they offer limitless design opportunities,
  • and they are available at affordable prices.

Precision plastic parts used in construction are usually made of high-performance plastics such as ABS, PC/ABS, PBT, Polyamide, PP filled with strengthening materials, or Glass Fiber additions.

Plastic alone isn’t strong enough to serve as load-bearing material, but can function as a great addition. This is why insert moulding technology proves to be extremely useful in construction applications. While the product remains strong enough due to keeping its metal core, it’ll also gain all advantages of plastic parts.

Roof structure support clips

As for precision plastic parts used in the construction industry, our flagship product is a roof structure support clip designed by our R&D team. The metal insert receives a plastic coating, which improves the product’s insulating properties and eliminates thermal bridges in the roof structure. These parts have been used at various major construction sites from Brazil to Singapore.

Plastic parts for <highlight>industrial connectors</highlight>

Plastic parts for industrial connectors

Nass Magnet is a market leader manufacturer of electromagnetic connectors and valves for the automotive industry. As a mass producer, they have experienced serious supply shortages before working with Mikropakk, which resulted in a critical situation. As a supplier, we not only had to meet current demand that is already high, but also catch up on production.

First, we refurbished the old moulds, which included the replacement of the entire hot runner system in one of them possibly in a very short time. To be able to meet demand, we dedicated a machine only to Nass products, but occasianally we had to include two other machines in production and eventually managed to catch up on production. Since then, we replaced the old moulds with new ones and have made 6 additional moulds.

Development of a new industrial connector

Mikropakk has also worked on developing a new Kontakträger that is lighter in weight, simpler in geometry, easier to install and has fewer parts.

Development of a 2k component

The original part was injection moulded and manually fitted with a seal. The goal of the development was to replace this two-step process with 2k injection moulding. The main or hard component was a given by the manufacturer, our engineers had to select a fitting soft component, namely a TPE. After testing 3 types of materials, we concluded that the most frequently used type showcased the best properties along with the hard component.

Thanks to these two successful developments and serving as a reliable contract manufacturer, we are proud to have built up a long-term partnership with the manufacturer.

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