Pharma & Medical

Pharma & Medical

Precision plastic parts for pharmaceutical & medical applications

We have experience working with customers ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to highly specialised medical device providers. What’s common in pharma and medical applications is that all plastic parts used in these industries must meet stringent global safety standards.

Having a clean room compliant production site is of paramount importance in medical and pharma industries.

Given our extensive experience in this segment, we understand the importance of absolute certainty in the quality of consistency of medical plastic components. For many years we have moulded parts for the medical industry and have developed detailed verification and tracing systems.

Plastic packaging solutions for <highlight>pharmaceutics</highlight>

Plastic packaging solutions for pharmaceutics

Our pharma packaging production relies on injection blow moulding technology. We manufacture jars and vials of different shapes and sizes for pharmaceutical use.

Post production services such as plasma treatment, ozone pretreatment and tampo printing are frequently used for these products. We offer tampo printing in multiple languages.

Transparent nitromint packaging system

Nitromint Packaging System is a new packaging solution developed for a pharmaceutical company, specifically for liquid medicaments containing nitro-glycerine for cardio-vascular diseases. Its most important feature is its transparency, which is a simple and safe way to monitor the amount of the life-saving medicament in the can.

In the past, no other manufacturer succeeded in creating a transparent can for this application, mainly because all potential materials such as PE or PP interact with nitro-glycerine, which would cause the medicine to be less effective and to expire sooner.
Mikropakk’s solution is based on a newly developed type of plastic which meets all relevant expectations:

  • it is transparent,
  • does not react with nitro-glycerine,
  • is resistant to vapour,
  • and UV radiation.

Using this material as a base and eliminating all other weak points of the previous packaging we created a new, enhanced packaging system comprised of a transparent can, a collar to prevent one’s lips from being stuck between valve and can (a common problem in the hasty situation), and a cap with guarantee ring for further assurance. The development of these features which are crucial in the case of a life-saving medicament has been a highly innovative answer to existing market demands.



Dental applications must comply with equally strict standards as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. What makes this field of application special for us is that we have been working with a small, yet very innovative company where cutting-edge solutions play utmost importance.

Specialty packaging for a dental product

One of our flagship products in this category is the result of a close partnership with a pharmaceutical company. It is a two-level packaging system for a dental product with special technical requirements that were 100% met by our R&D team.
The product must be safely secured inside the packaging, while being easily removable at the same time. The first-level packaging must tolerate gamma radiation (for sterilisation) without any loss in transparency or quality. The external packaging must be tamper-evident. And lastly, both levels of packaging must be highly transparent.

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