Rigid plastic parts & packaging solutions for the FMCG segment

1- or 2-component injection moulding for packaging of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is one of our focus areas. We have been providing packaging solutions for various non-durable goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, cosmetics and other consumables for several decades now.

Mikropakk is proud to serve as the exclusive contract manufacturer of several large international FMCG companies and engage in mass production. Mikropakk is ready to develop custom plastic packaging solutions, as well, and scale production with automation solutions as needed, for instance, automate the insertion of induction foil with a special in-line inserting device.

 Some of our patented developments applied by the FMCG industry include the patented MikaTech Startech anti-drop valve used for the packaging of showergel made for children.

In this segment, we are primarily present with caps for viscose materials like sauces or shampoo, but also have some other featured designs and references such as cappuccino capsules and spice containers. Upon request we are ready to work out the design of a bottle that suits and fits the closure. Beyond closures, we have designed several other packaging solutions for the FMCG industry.

The entire area of one of our production sites has been BrC certified, allowing us to meet packaging needs of the food industry.

How we work

Industry- or product-specific packaging challenge process

Industry- or product-specific packaging challenge

Should you face a technical, functional, structural, form or cost challenge regarding the packaging of your product, our design team is ready to rise to the challenge.

Consultation with our team of experts process

Consultation with our team of experts

After the initial contact, our team of experts invites you to a consultation to clarify the brief, define any preexisting constraints and requirements and determine scope of the project in detail.

Tailor-made packaging solution

Tailor-made packaging solution

Our highly qualified engineering team develops an adequate, custom solution that fits the expected budget, constantly iterating with you.

Areas of specialization


Snap-on, flip-top caps, spray heads, dispensing closures with or without valves inserted and other packaging solutions for foods and beverages.


Custom injection moulded packaging solutions for detergents, cleaning products and other household items.


Caps and closures with or without induction foil, optionally with matching bottle, jar and vial for cosmetics and other custom-designed packaging solutions.



We have an entire production site dedicated to food packaging manufacturing. Mikropakk BLACK has been BrC certified since 2016. Our food industry solutions include both contract manufacturing projects and custom-made packaging solutions for food companies of various sizes.

Our food industry sortiment includes

  • spice containers,
  • closures,
  • lids,
  • cappuccino capsules etc.
We develop and design complete packaging systems for brand owners and private label producers internationally. Off-the-shelf and customized, double-walled, flip-top caps and closures, optionally with induction foil and patented anti drop valve produced in 50+ million pcs / annum.
Our revolutionary production method, combined with the patented elastomer, anti-drop valve gives You the advantage over the competitors.

Mikropakk has been actively supplying packaging design development solutions that have contributed to the new designs of products based on the specific requirements of the customers.



Our international presence in this segment has been established thanks to the mass production of lavatory baskets for toilet freshener and other closures of well-known household chemical products. We manufacture 1 & 2k rigid plastic parts such as closures, lids and toilette baskets in this segment.



In this segment, we mainly manufacture closures and lids with high-speed in-line machine vision cameras and have highly-automated assembly solutions in place.

Mikropakk is the exclusive manufacturer of caps for a cosmetics product in Europe. The product consists of two parts:

  • a flip-top part and
  • a design element called “eye”.

The two components are produced in 31 different colour combinations and assembled automatically with topmost efficiency. The production volume is 100-120 million parts / year.

Challenge us

We are ready to compete and prove ourselves in your packaging issues.