Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants

Pioneering aerosol packaging solutions

Supplying the aerosol industry with unique solutions has been one of our core focus areas when it comes to product innovations. As a long-term partner of PU foam manufacturers, we have gained deep knowledge of the industry and have become familiar with the most challenging packaging issues most brand owners face. Inspired by the challenge, our engineering team has developed various solutions specifically for this segment.

We develop tailor-made packaging solutions for adhesives and sealant with unique features for brand recognition.

Technical solutions for adhesives & sealants

Mikropakk serves as a full-service manufacturer for custom adhesive and sealant packaging solutions undertaking

  • Mould development,
  • Technology development,
  • Automation (design, development and construction of automatic equipment for production and assembly).

We provide various PU foam adaptor solutions to meet the needs of different market segments. 

Off-the-shelf and custom-designed adaptors

Genius, <highlight>high-end integrated</highlight> grip adaptor

Genius, high-end integrated grip adaptor

Undoubtedly, Genius – the integrated hand adaptor – represents the high-end segment among our solutions which has been designed for Soudal, a market leader PU foam manufacturer in Europe. Our mission throughout the development proves was to provide all benefits of professional PU foam guns to hobby users such as operating with one hand only, 360° rotatability and stop and go application without clogging. Genius also features two protection gloves inside the injection mouolded closure and is equipped with a warranty lock completely unique on the market to prevent unintentional dispensing.

<highlight>Standard</highlight> hand adaptors

Standard hand adaptors

Mikropakk’s standard self-developed hand adaptors are also equipped with notable features. They provide a convenient user experience for hobby users, as well, since they can be operated with one hand only. This hand adaptor can be used with our rubber-free valve and standard rubber valves as well. In the case of using with rubber valves, it provides an improved sealing.

We also offer a lightweight hand adaptor solution that is fitted to the cap of the can.

MIKA packaging system developed for <highlight>two-component products</highlight>

MIKA packaging system developed for two-component products

Our product family specifically developed to solve packaging challenges of two-component system has been a flagship productline of our company including

  • MIKA 2k membrane system to prevent premature mixing of components,
  • MIKA-Vent rubber-free aerosol valve for seamless sealing.

The original idea for this complex packaging system has been inspired by standard PU foam cans. PU foam is used in most households, still conventional PU foam bottles are poorly designed, resulting in a very short shelf-life of the product. The main issue with the packaging leading to poor usability is caused by sealing problems:

  • It can lead to premature mixing of the two components and
  • Lead to clogging, making the aerosol system completely useless.

Our solution included two distinct solutions for mixing the two components: piston mixing and membrane system and the complete redesign of the valve made of a TPE material developed specifically for this use case.

All in all, the combination of the two solutions has doubled the shelf life of the product.

Both the MIKA 2k membrane system and MIKA-Vent rubber-free valve are Mikropakk’s patented solutions.

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