We are proud to announce that just like last year, our company’s efforts to minimise environmental impact were awarded with the PRS Green Label 2023.

The prize can be awarded to companies that actively promote the controlled recycling of CP-type pallets. This means that at least 65% of the delivered quantity is returned. Despite the fact that these pallets are considered one-way, Mikropakk collects them and then sends them back so that they can be put back into circulation, thereby reducing the ecological footprint of production.

Roughly 1,000-1,100 pallets of this type arrive at us annually, of which we returned almost 100%. We would also like to thank PRS for the recognition, and our goal in the future is to actively participate in further reducing our environmental footprint.

Idén is elnyertük a PRS Zöld Címke 2023 kitüntetését!