Quality systems

Quality systems

Quality systems designed and audited based on your requirements

Our processes are continuously monitored and developed. If needed, we adopt components of other auditing systems in order to meet the requirements of the customer regardless of the industry. We make adhering to standards defined by our customers a priority. This is why they are always welcome to audit our quality control processes before, during and after production.

ISO 9001, 14001 and BrC <highlight>compliance</highlight>

ISO 9001, 14001 and BrC compliance

Both manufacturing sites are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Mass production of products for the food industry is conducted according to the BrC standard introduced to the entire area of our Mikropakk BLACK production site in 2016. Our sites had long been audited by BLR, before we decided to raise our standards and comply with the strictest food and chemical industry requirements to meet specific needs of customers in various industries.

<highlight>Multiple grade</highlight> quality control

Multiple grade quality control

By default we maintain a three-tier quality control system:

  • Operator level,
  • Quality control,
  • Quality assurance.

Different tests might include visual inspection, various measurements, functional inspection and assembly test. The exact process is always tailored to customer requirements, depending on which phase we should put more emphasis on in manufacturing.

<highlight>In-line</highlight> quality control

In-line quality control

The constant quality control of our injection moulding and assembly department is ensured by in-line and in-shift quality control devices according to ISO standards and specific customer requirements. We dedicated a separate automation and robot technology department to in-line quality control that designs, assembles and integrates visual inspection and measurement systems, cameras and touch sensors, go/no go gauges, size and position inspectors into the production line.

Quality Control <highlight>Lab</highlight>

Quality Control Lab

In addition to in-line quality control, the wide range of products and development projects made it necessary to set up a more elaborate QC lab which is equipped with 

  • 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine by Hexagon,
  • Vertex Optic Measuring Centre by Micro-Vu,

And other devices to conduct routine inspections such as

  • Melt Flow Index Measuring Machine by Gottfert,
  • Moisture Analyser by Krahl Messtechnik,
  • Force tester by Imada / tensile tester,
  • Surface Roughness Tester by Mitutoyo,
  • Electronic colour measuring device.

Most of our third-tier inspections are conducted by professional instruments used in both mass production and new product development. As for new products, this step of quality control is essential for introduction and acceptance. Having this process in-house makes our product development process more efficient.

Measurements of our Quality Control Lab are suitable for PPAP (Production part approval process) documents.

<highlight>Timely and precise</highlight> complaint handling

Timely and precise complaint handling

Within our Quality Agreement, a dedicated complaint handling department within Mikropakk guarantees a first response time of 48 hours or one working day, referring to localisation and containment of the issue. Digital documentation of our entire production processes enables us to locate any issue quickly from material handling to assembly. By default, Mikropakk creates 8D reports for complaint handling, but we are ready to adjust our processes to specific requirements.

We await complaints and concerns via email at meo.silver@mikropakk.hu 


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