<highlight>Custom</highlight> automation solutions

Custom automation solutions

Scaling a production of a component or launching mass production often requires custom automation solutions. Should production volume require so, we have both in-line and off-line automation development capabilities and vast experience with dedicated automation engineering professionals on our team. As we scale production, working hours of operators are dedicated rather to inspection and quality control, therefore we aim at automating repetitive tasks. This way, productivity does not depend on human labour.

Production process of each product is specifically optimised for efficiency, unit cost and cycle times.

Through automation apart from speed the quality of the assembly could be assured. With high speed camera tests, unique pressure validation test system and other tailor made solutions we can make sure that 100% of the automatically assembled products meet all criteria from the customer side.

Automated <highlight>material supply</highlight>

Automated material supply

As for material supply on our production sites, sheet material is refilled using vacuum, eliminating the need of manual loading. Operators only need to load the dryer that supplies just the right amount of raw material to injection moulding machines. Automating material supply in an entirely closed system enables us to maintain a clean environment in our factories.

<highlight>In-line / off-line / out-line</highlight> automation

In-line / off-line / out-line automation

Simpler processes are automated by placing a 3-axis robot above injection moulding machines for in-line automation. We also automate some steps of the assembly process, which can happen both in-line and out-line.

For instance, insertion of the protection gloves into the closure of our GENIUS integrated grip adaptor for PU foam is entirely automated. Gloves are first placed into the injection moulded closure which upon closing receives a tube. As the final step, the tube is bended on the production line for convenient storage.

Automated <highlight>quality control</highlight>

Automated quality control

Our production cells include various automated quality control solutions: machine vision is used for visual inspection, cameras and touch sensors operate go/no go gauges and size and position inspectors assure dimensional accuracy of products. In-line quality control solutions are custom-designed by our automation and robot technology department based on requirements and specs of a given product. Automated quality control enables us to hold ourselves to the highest industrial standards.

<highlight>Smart industrial robots</highlight> used for repetitive tasks

Smart industrial robots used for repetitive tasks

Our Engel and Arburg injection moulding machines are equipped with multi-axis (1-, 3-, 6-axis) programmed Wittmann, Kuka and Fanuc robots performing various tasks such as palletising, and quality control. Our tooling shop features highly-automated solutions, as well, allowing machining tasks to be completed outside of working hours to speed up tooling.

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