Going far beyond the scope of contract manufacturing

Considering the production cycle, our services start earlier and reach farther than those of most contract manufacturers. We lead our partners through the whole development process of complex products. 5 development engineers and 5 project managers are at our customers’ disposal and handle projects or from the idea to the tooling and mass production or providing added value solutions by overseeing the entire project and providing technical support to our partners if needed.

Full service implies all-round expertise

With over 10% of our revenue allocated to research and development activities, and more than 20 patented solutions to date, we can offer full scale product development from design to post production services. An extensive in-house tooling facility allows us to design, create, store and maintain hundreds of moulds and react to changes in production or product design rapidly. In order to achieve the highest efficiency in production, our production lines feature various levels of automation.

How we work

Pre-production services process

Pre-production services

Should you face a technical, functional, structural, form or cost challenge regarding an injection-moulded product or just look for a reliable contract manufacturer, Mikropakk can deliver cost-efficient solutions meeting industry standards.

Extensive array of injection moulding services process

Extensive array of injection moulding services

After the initial contact, our team of experts invites you to a consultation to clarify the brief, define any preexisting constraints and requirements and determine scope of the project in detail.

Post-production services

Post-production services

Our in-house post production services include manual, semi- or fully automated assembly and various decoration options. Our sophisticated, industry-specific quality assurance processes assure that we can serve you as a reliable partner in the long run.

Research & Development and Innovation

Our R&D&I activities are based on 30 years of experience in tool design and injection moulding. We have an R&D department of 6 experienced engineers, with the expertise to support customers in product innovation and renovation at a competitive cost, mould design and development, and automation.


By keeping tooling in-house we can provide a competitive advantage in cost, quality, and lead times for our customers. We are equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and can supply moulds up to 32/64 cavities.

Injection moulding

Offering low-volume injection moulding services for highly technical or new products before production scaling as well as high-volume injection moulding for mass production at competitive unit costs. Our facilities are equipped to provide 1-, 2- and 3- component injection moulding, insert moulding, injection blow moulding and cube moulding services.


Leveraging the productivity of industrial robots for repetitive tasks, our production lines can achieve the highest efficiency levels, and thus offer very competitive unit costs. We rely on programmed multi-axis robots for our in-line, off-line and out-line automation solutions.

Assembly & Decoration

Offering various manual, semi- or fully automated assembly options depending on production volume and complexity and post production services including ultrasonic welding and tampo printing.

Quality systems

Beside complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BrC standards, our quality assurance processes can be customised to meet any industry-specific requirements. Both our facilities feature real-time industry 4.0 production tracking, enabling prompt localisation of any issues, which is critical for timely and precise complaint handling. In addition to in-line quality control solutions, Mikropakk also relies on a more elaborate in-house Quality Control Lab for advanced inspections.

Challenge us

We are ready to compete and prove ourselves in your packaging issues.