Our R&D activity is firmly rooted in over 20 years of experience in tool design and injection moulding. We strive to provide feasible and cost-effective solutions for specific customers’ requirements and actual problems. MIKROPAKK is also able to supporting the clients from the start of their idea through form and CAD designing their products as well.


High-quality injection moulding is impossible without high-quality moulds, and their regular and adequate maintenance. In our in-house tooling-shop we design and develop moulds with the aid of CAD / CAM softwares including PTC Creo, ToolDesign, SolidWorks and PowerMill, PowerShape. Equipped with the most up-to-date machinery such as wire and block erosion machines, CNC-controlled millers, laser welding equipment, start hole driller.

Continuously handling several hundred injection moulds in our own or in the customers’ property calls for complete production safety. Regular maintenance keeps all moulds in excellent working condition, and any trouble occurring during production can be promptly solved by in-house tooling shop.


2 factories with 79 injection moulding machines: the engine of MIKROPAKK.

Both moulding shops are highly automated, with an integrated ERP system overseeing the central material supply systems, grinders, driers, robots and manipulators for efficiency. Clamping forceranging from 6 to 500 T and the average age of our injection moulding machines being under 6.

MIKROPAKK’s used technology ranges from the 1 and 2 component injection moulding, the insert moulding, the injection blow moulding, the micro-injection through the clean-room solution and the ultrasonic welding to applying high speed camera control and cube mould technology. In MIKROPAKK BLACK we produce according to BrC standard since 2016.

Apart from common materials, MIKROPAKK regularly works with more specific technical materials as well.


Beyond mere injection moulding we offer you the mounting or assembly of your products, whether by hand, or more often, with automated equipment. Currently there are more than 30 automated assembly lines in operation in the 2 factories, performing the necessary post-production work to our products for the food, pharmaceutical and construction industries, including in-line and post-production, manual and automated assembly. All of these are individually designed for specific purposes, some by our own automation department. Such equipment can increase the efficiency enormously, such as the valve assembly line which increased the number of valves assembled per month from 120.000 to 2 million, integrating 7 components and performing in-line control to eliminate defects.


The ISO 9001 quality management system has been in effect in MIKROPAKK. Our processes are continuously monitored and developed. If needed, we adopt components of other auditing systems in order to meet the requirements of our partners, whether from the food or pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, our operations comply with the regulations of the ISO/TS standards without actually being certified.

The constant quality of our injection moulding and assembly departments is ensured by in-line and in-shift quality control devices and procedures according to ISO standards and specific customers’ expectations. However, the wide range of products and our development projects made it necessary to set up a more elaborate QC lab which is equipped with: 3D Coordinate, Melt Flow Index Measuring Machines, Vertex Optic Measuring Center, Moisture Analyzer, Force and Surface Roughness Testers.


5 development engineers and 5 project managers are at our customers disposal and handle projects or from the idea to the tooling and mass production or providing added value solutions by handling the full packaging projects of the customers, sometimes providing only technical support to our partners will be. Next to these processes our colleagues are dedicated to the long term support of our customers.